Johanan Rand M.D. – New Jersey PRP Doctor

New Jersey PRP Doctor, Johanan Rand M.D., of Healthy Aging Medical Centers specializes in the use of (PRP) Platelet Rich Plasma and has advanced knowledge in the field of Regenerative Medicine.

Platelet Rich Plasma is a revolutionary therapy that has been used for several decades in the treatment of pain, soft tissue injuries, and osteoarthritis. However, now more than ever before the benefits of this advanced therapy are being applied to several other conditions. With the power to reverse damage to the tissues and regenerate new, healthy cells and flesh, PRP therapy has changed the lives of countless men and women.

Learn about Dr. Rand's Expertise and Experience
Johanan Rand, M.D. of Healthy Aging Medical Centers in Essex County New Jersey is an active member of the Age Management Medical Group (AMMG) as well as a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). He has had extensive training in the cutting edge developments in age management and regenerative medicine procedures and offers his patients only the very best in alternative and comprehensive treatment options. Helping people age both gracefully and healthfully is something that Dr. Johanan Rand, M.D. is extremely passionate about, and something that he does well. This is apparent by the many awards he has received including the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award, Patient Recognition Award and Patient’s Choice Award.

Johanan Rand M.D. Experience and Expertise

  • Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, Functional Medicine and Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cells and PRP).
  • Certified by Millenium TBI network
  • Consultant to Elite Health care out of China
  • Gainswave certified provider
  • Leading expert in PRP, certified in all PRP procedures using third generation PRP (i.e., joint injections, face, hair, and sexual wellness)
  • Consultant to retired sports professional organization
What is Platelet Rich Plasma and How Does it Work?

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment Explained

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a substance that can promote healing when injected. Plasma is a component of your blood that contains special “factors,” or proteins, that help your blood to clot. It also contains proteins that support cell growth.

By injecting PRP into damaged tissues it will stimulate your body to grow new, healthy cells and promote healing. Because the tissue growth factors are more concentrated in the prepared growth injections, the body’s tissues will heal faster.

In prp or platelet rich plasma procedure, Johanan Rand, M.D. will aspirate tissue to harvest some of your stem cells. Because your own cells are used, the procedure is considered to be “autologous point-of-care.” Platelet-rich plasma is obtained from your own blood.

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is a virtually painless and non-invasive procedure that uses factors from the patients’ blood and fat tissues. A small amount of blood is taken from the patient and spun down to obtain platelets and growth factors. Some physicians may also extract stem cells from the patient’s body fat and combine it with the PRP. After obtaining the needed components, the PRP mixture is injected into the area being treated to regenerate and heal tissues. The growth factors and platelets from the blood stimulate collagen production, while stem cells take on the form and function of the cells residing in the area that they are placed in, leading to regeneration.

In most cases, patients see results the same day that they have the treatment, but over the course of the next few weeks after treatment, the PRP really works to repair, rebuild, and restore the patient’s tissues. For this reason, full results are usually often seen a few weeks after having the procedure. Many patients have been able to improve pain, injuries, and aesthetic issues with Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.

Some of the conditions that Platelet Rich Plasma can be used to treat include:

PRP Shot for Female Rejuvination and Orgasm Enhancement
New Jersey Platelet Rich Plasma Female Rejuvenation Specialist, Johanan D Rand, M.D., now offers the newest and most breakthrough treatment for sexual enhancement or dysfunction for women. The PRP Vaginal Orgasm Enhancement Shot for Women, using (PRP) Platelet Rich Plasma therapy has been found to be successful in enhancing female orgasm, increasing responsiveness and increasing overall sexual enjoyment for women.
PRP Shot for Erectile Dysfunction and Male Sexual Health
New Jersey PRP Erectile Dysfunction and Male Sexual Health Specialist, Johanan D. Rand, M.D. uses (prp) platelet-rich plasma to help men improve sexual function, sensation, arousal, size and performance. When the platelet rich plasma is injected into the penis and pelvic area, platelets and growth factors go to work restoring tissue and increasing sensitivity. In addition to solving many underlying medical conditions, platelet rich plasma injections can noticeably increase the size and girth of the penis by increasing blood flow.
PRP Facelift and PRP Aesthetic Injections
New Jersey PRP Facelift Specialist, Johanan D Rand, M.D., now offers the PRP Facelift and PRP Facial Injections, the latest breakthrough in facial rejuvenation. The PRP Facelift is a groundbreaking anti-aging treatment that can dramatically reverse years of skin damage in just one session. The use of this treatment has been on the market since 2009 but it has recently been gaining in popularity as a skin rejuvenation treatment for the face that is nonsurgical with little recovery down time. The before and after results speak for themselves and many aging adults are turning to this type of treatment as a non-invasive way of improving skin tightness, volume and appearance.
Platelet Rich Plasma for Breast Lift and Rejuvenation
A Platelet Rich Plasma breast lift is a safe, non-invasive, and natural procedure that has helped many women to regain their confidence and feel better about how they look. Physicians that specialize in Platelet Rich Plasma therapy tailor protocols to suit individual desires and aesthetic wishes. They can help patients to determine if this therapy is right for them and guide patients through every step of the procedure. As a result of undergoing the Platelet Rich Plasma breast lift, many women have been able to achieve their desired results and feel happier with their appearances.
Platelet Rich Plasma for Male and Female Hair Loss
New Jersey PRP Hair Loss Treatment Specialist, Johanan D. Rand, M.D. at Healthy Aging Medical Centers specializes in using PRP to help men and women to restore thicker, fuller hair. Thinning hair plagues many people, and until recently, there was not a wide selection of therapies available for the treatment of this condition. Common therapies for alopecia included hair implants, medications, and lifestyle changes. While alopecia can occur for several reasons, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can be used to treat this condition in both men and women, and it can be used in conjunction with other therapies. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a new and exciting option that does not require surgery or downtime, and it has helped vast numbers of patients to achieve thicker hair.

To learn more about how this very exciting and highly-effective new procedure might benefit you, call New Jersey PRP Doctor, Johanan D Rand, M.D. of Healthy Aging Medical Centers to schedule a confidential, no-obligation consultation.